Unchanging Hands 

The charity of a new generation

A Believers First Step

Unchanging Hands is a non-profit organization started by Desiree Swint to help those in need.  Having to face daily struggles is not foreign to this ministry but what is understood is that we all have experienced different forms of need. As life teaches us that we each go through a form of hardship to learn and grow from that experience.

For many, the rainbow does not always appear at the end of the tunnel.  Everyone in their lifetime have faced a hardship or a need in the area for which each individual have fallen short or yet to reach.  This could have been but not limited to a bill being paid or help to purchase groceries, clothing or transportation to make that job interview or training session.  Help someone today!

"Charity never ceases where there is a need."


  • New Day Dawning3:57